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    The standard size of the door you are looking for is all here. Keep it!!

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    I. standard size of door

    1. The height of the door is generally not less than 200 cm, and no matter how high it is, it should not exceed 240 cm. Otherwise, there is a sense of emptiness, and the production of door leaves needs to be strengthened.

    2. If modeling, ventilation, lighting needs, you can add waist window on the door, its height from 40 cm, but also should not be too high.

    3. The width of the door is generally 80-90 cm, and the standard size of the door is generally 210 × 90 × 240 cm.


    2、 Size of entrance door

    1. The first door is to enter the living room.

    2. The standard width of the entrance door is 90-100 cm.

    3. If the size of the entrance door is between 100 and 150 cm, it is usually made into a child and mother door. The proportion is that the mother leaf is 80 cm wide and the child leaf is 40 cm wide.

    3、 Size of bedroom door

    1. There are 80 × 190 cm, 80 × 200 cm, 90 × 200 cm and so on.

    2. The size of bedroom door is recommended to be 80 × 200 cm in width and 86 × 230 cm in height.

    3. Non standard size can be determined according to the door pocket size.

    4. The standard width of bedroom solid wood door is 80 ~ 90cm.


    4、 Kitchen door size

    1. If it is a one-way sliding door, it is not recommended to be less than 80 cm, some larger kitchen appliances, not conducive to space coordination.

    2. Two way sliding door, the total width of the door can be selected in 140, 180, 200 cm.

    3. The standard width of kitchen door is about 80 cm, and the size of door leaf is generally 67 cm to 72 cm.

    5、 Size of toilet door

    1. General toilet door height has 190, 200, 210 cm these three sizes, the standard width is about 70 ~ 90 cm.

    2. According to the total area of the toilet to calculate, the space can be bigger than the gate, and the smaller door can be designed if the space is small.