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    Hui guang ying Aluminiun Co., Ltd.

    Hui guang ying Aluminiun Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 300 million yuan, has two major production bases in Guangdong and Guangxi. It is a high-tech modern enterprise specialized in the design, production and instalation of aluminum profiles,doors, windows and curtain walls for civil construction. And devotes to the building energy- saving material production and the research and development synthesis enterprise.

    The main production and testing equipment of the production system are imported from foreign countries. and the corresponding technical personnel have been trained in strict professional systems. Thus, the company has an independent complete production system from aluminum bar casting, mold manufacturing to profile extrusion, Rich oxidation surface treatment, and matched with advanced environmental protection treatment facilities. The annual production capacity of the company reaches 5. Ten thousand tons.

    The company's main products include aluminum profile series ( Polymer electrophoresis aluminum profiles, heat insulation broken bridge aluminum profile,color electrostatic spraying aluminum profile, high- grade anodized aluminum profile,fluorocarbon spraying aluminum profile, bionic wood grain aluminum profile, curtain wall profile, industrial profile, etc. ), door and window series ( common; Aluminum alloy doors and windows, hollow energy- saving doors and windows, heat insulation broken bridge energy- saving doors and windows, home system doors, etc. ) and high-quality building doors and windows, curtain wall accessories.

    "National quality, modern management' is the company's quality foundation and management strategy mode.

    Companies in accordance with the "international brand, advanced enterprise mode,quality innovation and development' vision of the enterprise.

    It advocates innovative product research and development, so as to guide the market with unique products.

    To serve the modern living space and contribute to the better future of the people.

    Join hands Hui guang ying . and create the future!